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The Sustainable Community Development Institute (SCDI) is a nonprofit (501-c-3), international development organization incorporated in Washington, D.C., with its home office in California.


SCDI is dedicated to improving people’s lives through deriving sustainable benefits to communities from environmentally and socially responsible development projects.


SCDI strives to encourage and facilitate improvements in health, education, infrastructure, and housing, as well as economic opportunities in host communities affected by large-scale land-use related development. SCDI seeks ways that are mutually beneficial to the development companies and their host communities and are sustainable beyond the life of the development projects. SCDI’s mission is to develop durable partnerships between the development industry, host communities, local government and civil society with a view toward aligning the interests of each and creating a mutually beneficial future. SCDI operates by providing advice and capacity building, planning and training to implement sustainable socio-economic development programs worldwide.