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Current Operations and Future Objectives

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SCDI provides a wide range of professional services to mining and other development projects in locations worldwide. For example, SCDI is providing pre-feasibility phase consulting services to a proposed mega-mining-project
in Panama, advising the company on socio-economic issues and assisting in finding an appropriate approach to manage them during the early phases of project development. SCDI recently also participated in a due diligence study of a large mining project in northern Peru, identifying socio-economic issues related to the proposed development and assessing the risks associated with obtaining social license. During the past year, SCDI conducted an assessment of the socio-economic programs of an existing project in the Philippines and provided recommendations for adopting a sustainable community development program. In September 2007, SCDI completed a 14-month intensive consulting assignment on a mega-project in New Caledonia. SCDI has an ongoing SME loan program in Cajamarca, Peru, which was established in 2003 in connection with SCDI’s participation in a SME capacity building program sponsored by the IFC (World Bank) in connection with Yanacocha, the largest gold mine project in Latin America. Recently, SCDI accepted a pro bono advisory role with the Pastoral Social of Izabal Diocese of the Catholic Church in Guatemala to provide consultation related to socio-economic development in connection with several mining projects in the region.

SCDI intends to continue its consulting practice in the field of sustainable community development as the principal means of generating income and to further the state-of-the-art and the adoption of its approach by extractive industries.

SCDI also plans to disseminate through publications and seminars its experience and methodology to other professionals working in this field.

SCDI will also look for ways and means to finance and increase its support of community-based organizations through pro bono consulting services in the field of sustainable community development and with expansion of its SME loan program.